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At the Carolina Funeral Service and Cremation Center, all of our services are designed to accommodate the family’s wishes with sensible and affordable choices – without unnecessary or costly frills. With this in mind, it is a privilege to serve the community with our knowledge, expertise and understanding during this important time. We are dedicated to providing services to all faiths and races, without prejudice. And to each of our clientele we pledge Dignity, Affordability, Simplicity.

Packaged Offering for Burial

Traditional Funeral Service (at church or our center) $5,893.00 plus the cost of a casket selected from our facility

Graveside Service with Visitation          $5,699.00 plus the cost of a casket selected from our facility

Graveside Service with no visitation      $5,117.00 plus the cost of a casket selected from our facility

*******************************Packages Are Not Available If There Is Third Party Merchandise**********************************************  

Cash advances  such as cemetery/crematory, newspaper notices, death certificates, or police reports are not included in the service package

Cremation Services

( Cash Advanced items not included)

actual cost of cremation is an additional $280  for persons weighing 275lbs or less)

Traditional Cremation Service Package with casket   $6,732.00 Includes a "Longley" or "Estate" cremation casket  from our center (these two caskets are shown under merchandise) 

Cremation with Memorial Service      $3,729.00 Includes minimal cremation container in lieu of casket

Simple Cremation Service (Basic Services)     $2,150.00 Includes minimal cremation container in lieu of casket. No viewing or services includes in this package

Simple Cremation Online Service  (At Need Only)   $1800.00
***To access At-Need form please click on the box below***

Carolina Funeral Service & Cremation Center

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Merchandise at Our Center

Alternative Containers

These units are constructed of leak resistant cardboard,  and may or may not have eternal covering, or lined interior with a pillow         

Caskets :  $ 990.- $ 8941.

        Outer Burial Container   $ 1150  -  $   2285                                                                                                                                                                                     Cremation Urns  $ 115. -  $  1770                                                                                                                                                                                                     Cremation Urn Vaults ( required by many cemeteries)  $  150 - $ 1800                                                                                                                                   Memorial Stationery Package   $ 100.  -  $ 375                                                                                                                                                                             Includes register book, 50 Prayer Cards or 50 Memorial Folders,  50 acknowledgement cards and 5 laminated obituaries   


Cash Advanced Items   

These are fees charged by third parties and are not part of our fees.  North Carolina Death Certificates are $ 10.00 per copy; Crematory Fees range from $ 280.00 - $ 900.00  based on the weight of the deceased; Newspaper Notice  Prices will vary depending on the contents of the article placed, whether a photo is used and which newspapers the articles are placed.


As attitudes towards funerals change, the dignity in which we honor our loved ones remains firm. Families are now requesting simpler, more dignified funerals at a reasonable price. Whether your wishes are to use our Center Service Room or your own church for visitation, we stand ready to accommodate your wishes.

Cremation Options

Cremation is another method used as preparation for memorialization. A wide range of choices are available for those who prefer cremation. We will gladly assist you in exploring all of the available options.

Transfer and Receiving (Domestic/ International)

We will make all necessary arrangements with domestic/international funeral homes, cemeteries and common carriers in order to arrange for the transfer or receiving of a loved one. International transfers are subject to embargo and very strict and different requirements than that when shipping within the US.  Please speak with us before arranging a service.

Our Center hours are Monday through Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm; however, at Carolina we are only a phone call away and will gladly schedule appointments at your convenience, either at our Center, or in the comfort of your own home. One call to Carolina, day or night, will provide you one of our fully qualified funeral representatives who will help guide you in every detail. In order to make certain that arrangements are as you wish them to be, we will be pleased to handle all or any of your needs at this time.

We have the largest showroom for urns in the Charlotte metro market as shown below